Experiences make you happier

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Lourens Touwen   31-05-2016  

Have you already booked your summer holiday? Very good! Then you have chosen to spend your money on what you make most happy: an experience! And if you book long in advance, you will be even happier.


Spending your money on trips and vacations may seem like a waste. After all, you have nothing tangible, except nice pictures and some memories in your head. If you had bought a new TV for the same money then you enjoy this every day of the coming years. At first that seems much better. But nothing could be further from the truth: scientific research proves that experiences lead to more happiness than buying things.

Why experiences make us as much happier than material things?

These are the 7 main reasons according to scientists:


1 - You see the world through pink coloured glasses

If you buy shoes that pinch, they will always hurt. With an experience this works differently: you can post better experiences in your thoughts. In psychology, this is called "positive reinterpretation". With experiences the best things are stored in the forefront of your memory and the lesser stuff in the background. So with an experience you often remember only the good things.


2 - Of stuff you get easily bored

This is what they call "hedonic adaptation" in psychology. This effect occur in everything new. For example, if you just purchased a new phone. At the beginning you are all happy, but soon gets used to it and it is again as normal as its predecessor. At experiences the effect of this mechanism is much less present.


3 - It's much harder to compare experiences

Choosing between cars, computers or handbags comes quite somewhat near by comparing apples to apples. Comparing experiences is much more subjective. And because it is much more difficult, you care less if you have made the best choice.


4 - Flow

Flow is a mental state that we all know. Athletes call it "the zone". Flow is essential for good luck. You can test yourself why experiences are better to get in a flow than material matters by questioning what you find easier: focus on a Chair or your focus for a game of tennis.


5 - Waiting for an experience is nice

Experiences are better because they somehow arrange fun for free. With material goods waiting is annoying. You pay even extra for faster delivery. While waiting for an experience already brings good luck. Therefore you should book your vacation as early as possible. Than you will utilities the free fun the best way!


6 - Experiences make the man (or woman)

Experiences are better than material things because we believe that they make a major contribution to who we are. Think, for example, of the last time you've undertaken something, such as a concert, a yoga class or a theme party. These experiences no longer contribute to who you are than the last things you bought? And if you had to hand in something, a thing or an experience? What would it be? Would you give up the memory of your nice stag party or would you hand in the clothes you wore on that day?


7 - We are "people-people"

People are social animals. We love hugs. That we are heared. And that we belong somewhere. We are so "people-people". Experiences are better because they bring us closer to other people. Experiences attend to much more interesting conversations than material goods. It is much more fun to talk about things you have experienced than things you have in your possession?


So, it's obvious. The next time you're going to spend money, don't buy stuff. Buy an experience. It will give you a better sense of who you are, it brings you closer to others and it will make you happier. And ... don't forget to book your holiday in time. The anticipation makes you happier!

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