More conversion and awareness with exhibition & events?

[photo news:More conversion and awareness with exhibition & events?]

Daan   2-03-2017  

In preparing your marketing campaigns by using applied knowledge on the functioning of the human brain and unaware behaviour, also called neuro-marketing called, you can greatly improve the results of your exhibition participation or event.

Maybe your first reaction is: way too complicated! But read further and you will see that it is actually much less complicated than you may think at first.

To see through and understand unaware behaviour is actually much closer to us, then we would think so at first glance. Especially when we know that 85% of all our choices are intrinsically from our emotion, or our primal instincts. Our ratio in the basic can't even function without emotion.

What are you saying? Without emotion can't even function. Yeah sure. Imagine the situation for which a lion walk into the room in which you are together with your friends. Now let's hope that everyone immediately feel the fear, because otherwise it wouldn't be a nasty situation.

Or a situation in which you and your partner walk through a busy shopping street. And I ask you at the end of the shopping street a question: what have you seen and/or heard? You will mention those things that 'affect' you.

Obviously you want to achieve the same with your participation at the exhibition or event. That the visitor you, your business, your message, what you'd like to share, recalls. You (UN) aware positive influence his or her behavior.

This can be done by letting the visitor participate in a positive experience.  As a result, in the brain ' the feel good drug ' dopamine will be created.

And the more dopamine, the stronger the desire for your product or brand.

Actually childishly easy. Especially when it involves exhibitions or events. They are ideally suited to give the visitor a positive experience. And if you combine that with unaware behavior influence technique as landscaping, nudging or priming, you will be amazed at the result. And that this actually can be done, is evident from the many cases that we have realized. Cases where we have determined dopamine levels of visitors by using facial coding. A technique developed by Ekmann & Frissen to measure our 6 basic emotions, including hapiness.

So stop sending information & knowledge during your exhibition presentation or event. Let the visitor experience the benefits of your product, your organization by themself.

Therefore prefer one lick peanut butter, than 1,000 words about the benefits of your peanut butter. The smell, taste of your peanut butter we still remember after 6 months. We already forgot the words as soon as we leave the exhibtion.

Try it! And if you want, we like to share with you how you can realize more conversion and awarenss for your product or brand.

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