Freemarket on Kingsday: what will you learn as an exhibitor?

[photo news:Freemarket on Kingsday: what will you learn as an exhibitor?]

Lourens Touwen   10-05-2016  

Kingsday 2016 is already a few weeks behind us. For the whole of Netherlands a cosy party and also a good moment for many people to get some extra money on the free market. Thousands of people arrange a stand on Kingsday and offer anything for sale. From toys to household goods, from spring rolls to cans of beer.


The flea market on Kingsday offer plenty of opportunity to trade stuff with each other in a relaxed atmosphere. The turnover for the freemarket 2016 is estimated to a total of 330 million euros. That equates to 92 Euro per person! Those are serious amounts.

Some exhibitors have a lot of success with it and pick up a nice turnover. Others scoring less and are left with their stuff. Also at trade shows, we see that one Exhibitor is more successful than the other.

What can we learn as event professionals from the exhibitors on the free market? The economic Bureau ING gives tips for sellers on the free market. These are the three most important:


Tip 1) Target group

Potential buyers are especially looking for books and toys. Vendors selling this stuff in their free market range, can do good business.


Tip 2) Decoration

A cozy booth is attractive for market visitors. Viewers easier become buyers in a relaxed atmosphere.


Tip 3) Location

A good place is worth gold. The right location delivers over one third more revenue. That also explains why some places often are taken before Kingsday

How can we translate this to the show floor?


Target group

Also on a exhibition, it is important to respond to the needs of the visitors and adjust your offer accordingly. Get into the visitors of an exhibition. Who are they? What is their role? What are they looking for? Why they come to the fair? What triggers them? When will they go home with a happy feeling?  What do they experience? You can reclaim visitors profiles at many exhibitions in the Organization, from which you can gain a lot information.



Also at the decoration of your stand, it is important to think from what the visitor is looking for, what moves him, what he or she wants to experience. This combined with the objectives that you have formulated for the fair. Look here how to make a good briefing for a fair participation.



Also on an event a good place is crucial. View the floor plan well in advance. Where are the inputs? How do the aisles go? What is the expected walking route? Who or what are you near? How do you position your stand? And here applies just like on the free market: the sooner you book, the more chance on a good place. And just like on the free market, one-third more result is definitely worth looking at it!

So you know what you have to do if you go to a next fair; move yourself in your target group, take care for a good stand design and book the best place early. And the same can be done on Kingsday 2017! If you don't do that, then you are stuck with your old stuff.

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