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[photo: Creation]

A 3D presentation of your project.
After a professional advice a thorough design of your exhibition stand or project design follows. Topics discussed during the debriefing with you, we now translate into a creative concept . This is obviously totally focused on your audience and your goals . A detailed offer is part of this.
The following questions are important in the design :
  • What are your goals?
  • Consider giving product information, receiving relationships , generate leads and increase your brand awareness .
  • What does the exhibition stand of the project?
  • A lobby, bar or terrace to receive relationships a theater to showcase products, an eyecatcher to Increase your company name added so .
  • What are the constraints ?
  • Consider budget, stand size, height and timing
  • Which look should your project or stand have?
  • Modern, innovative, open, transparent, and so on.
  • Which groups do you want to achieve?
Unique 3D design presentation
After all wishes are mapped in a conversation with you, we let our creativity do the work. This results in a lifelike 3D presentation of your position or project . A mood board , color scheme makes the appearance or materials concrete and transparent . So you have a perfect picture of how everything will look

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