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[photo: Bookcase]

In this bookcase is a selection of books that first of all are nice to read. In addition, it's educational! In your work situation, but also at other times. Take a look and get inspired.


Book recommendation 10: the event that no one wants to Miss-Erik Peekel

Organize your events? Read in this book different tips and handles to make your event a great success.  


Book recommendation 9: The Time Trap-Alex Mackenzie

For people who can't say no and are overburden with information and tasks, we have chosen the following book recommendation: The Time Trap, by Alec Mackenzie. ´ ´ No time to read the book? Download a free e-book here


Book recommendation 8: how people make choices-W. L. Tiermeijer

Wednesday 6 april is dedicated to "votes". Therefore this book recommendation. This book examines the psychology of making decisions. Who knows the doubter can still get something out of it!


Book recommendation 7: Stop with communicate! -Harrie van Rooij

We chat a lot with eachother and achieve results from a conversation, sales-oriented, that is, of course, the most beautiful! Harrie van Rooij tells in his book on how people act and what our brain activates.


Book recommendation 6: communication NOW 2 – Betteke van Ruler

A professional Glossy. Read in a fun and relaxed manner about the trends and developments! This magazine takes you away.


Book recommendation 5: The buy button – Martin de Munnik

We consumers are everywhere and nowhere affected, but why is that anyway? Read in this book what the secret is of our brain!



Book recommendation 4: Influence – Robert Cialdini

A must have for every marketer or seller! This book tells you what 6 weapons of influence there are. Read here which 6 these are and let it 'convince' you to read the book!


Book recommendation 3: Mismatch – Ronald Giphart / Mark van Vugt

The natural leader: Mark van Vugt shows prehistoric times as an example.



Book recommendation 2: Sell ice to Eskimos – Pacelle van Goethem

A book about the psychology of networking and the power of persuasion that is needed. A musthave for the sales people among us!


Book recommendation 1: Anatomy of seduction – Paul Postma

Interested in how our brain works? This book explains what neuro marketing is and give you an image on the operation. For marketers, this is a must!



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