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    [Product photo: TravelStand Curved]

Laarhoven design goes much further than just delivering a product .
Our goal is to fill your request or question for 100 % . Sometimes this can be one of our many standard products . Other times with a customized solution . Experience shows that nothing is too crazy. If you request, you will receive an advice, an elaborate in detail solution or with appropriate graphics.
Presentation materials
In the Netherlands, we are the largest supplier of mobile presentation tools. That gives you interesting benefits . Lifetime warranty on many products , advice, quality and excellent service. Just to name a few.
Successful communication
Laarhoven design put together its range based on years of experience in the industry. Our service goes far beyond just delivering a banner, brochure holder or folding wall. With us you get an advice. So you are assured of a successful communication.
Customization and quality
Stand out? You do this with products Laarhoven design. They are stylish, innovative and above all very good quality. Look around our range of presentation tools and discover the possibilities of Laarhoven design. Please contact us for advice.